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Check out the blog for easy, comfort food recipes, home decor tips and tricks, how I style the farmhouse for the seasons and product highlights. 

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Create the perfect picture for your feed while documenting the growth of your wee babe from hello world, weekly until one month, and monthly until one year. 

With the natural finish on the wood, the 4" discs are the perfect addition to any styled shoot. 


  • FARMHOUSE598 pick up location is located in Stockroom Supply. 

    We are extremely fortunate to have our pick up location at Stockroom Supply. What does this mean for you? Reliable operating hours means convenient pick up Monday - Friday 9-4. Ashley may not be there but one of the lovely staff members will gladly help you to locate your order. 

    Wondering if your order is ready for pick up? You will receive a pick up ready email as soon as it is ready for you at the shop.

    We have a 15 day pick up policy. 

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    53032 Perry Road, Wainfleet