Modern Last Name Door Mat
Modern Last Name Door Mat

Modern Last Name Door Mat

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Greet your guests with your personality before you even open the door.

With wit, and charm, this is no regular door mat.



  • Our door mats are made from coir fiber with a durable, slip-proof backing. They are laser engraved, which means the area that is darker has been burnt by the laser, giving it an extremely sharp, and precise design that is more fade-resistant then latex paint.


Our door mats come in three sizes: the classic, the modern, and the oversized.

The Classic is your traditional size. Perfect for smaller porches and areas. But with wit, and charm, this is no regular door mat. Greet your guests with your personality before you even open the door.

The Classic 18x24"

The Modern is a fun and trendy style. The slender and long mat sets your stoop apart from your neighbor, not only in shape and size, but in funny personalized sayings.

The Modern 12x36"

The Oversized is just that - big, loud and proud. You can't miss this bad boy.

The Oversized 24x36"


  • Our door mats are laser engraved which means they are 100% natural. We don't use latex paint! Our door mats only come in one colour - which is naturally burnt coir fibers.

Return Policy

  • We want to make sure you're happy with your purchase! However, our products are custom made just for you, so we do not offer returns or exchanges. We inspect everything that leaves our shop and only send what passes our tests. If you have any issues with your order, please email 

Care Instructions

  • Naturally, your mat will get dirty. Wouldn't it be a wonderful world if everything just stayed clean? Maybe that's the mom in me talking. Pick up your mat and give it a good shake to clean it out. If your mat gets waterlogged after a big storm you can bring it out into the sun and lay it on your driveway or walkway and it will naturally dry out. If it's really wet, you can put some branches under the mat, to lift it off the ground for airflow.
  • Our door mats are proudly made from natural fibers, and like all natural material, being exposed to the elements means it will fade, and show wear and tear. We laser etch our mats, so they do hold up better then painted latex mats.
  • We recommend our mats be placed indoors, like in garage entrances, covered porches, etc. for the longest lasting results on your design. Although the cior mats are excellent at cleaning your shoes, we highly discourage using our decorative mats as boot scrapping mats.

 Turn Around Time

  • DUE TO COVID19 - our door mat supplier is advertising a minimum of 6 weeks for delivery on blank mats. Please factor this into our turn around time. We can not guarantee when we will get our blank mats but as soon as we do, we will work as fast as we can to get them to you. 
  • 1 week
  • Turn around time does not include mock up approval. We do not start your order until we have approval from your mock up. Please routinely check your inbox, junk and spam folders.