Natural Rainbow Arch Stacker - 3 Arch

Natural Rainbow Arch Stacker - 3 Arch

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Encourage open ended and imaginative play with our rainbow stacker with 3 arches for beginner stacking. We’ve carefully designed these rainbow stackers with nothing short of love in mind.

Turn Around Time

  • 4-6 weeks


  • The 5 arche small rainbows are 6"x11.5"
  • The 8 arhce large rainbows are 9.25"x18"
  • Each rainbow is hand cut and will vary slightly in size. 


  • Rainbows are made from 1.5" poplar 
  • They are all hand cut and have natural imperfections which we think adds to the beauty of the stackers.


  • Wipe with a damp cloth with a light soap and water.
  • Do not soak. Do not wash in the dishwasher. 
  • 3 months from the time of purchase on paint. Warranty void if there are signs of chewing/teething.
  • Buyer is responsible for return shipping to FH598

Safety Disclaimer 

  • Supervision should be given at all times while your child is using the rainbow stacker. Our rainbows are made from organic materials which means it will show wear. If your rainbow begins to show signs of wear, discard immediately.
  • Our rainbow stackers are meant for children who do not mouth their toys. Supervision should be given at all times when using the stackers. Remove at the first sign of ware. Our rainbows are made from natural material and although we do our very best to select high quality pieces of wood - wood is an organic material that can crack or break. 
  • The natural rainbows are sealed with a food-grade mineral oil and are safe for children 16 months +
  • We use a premium diamond wood varathane top coat to seal our painted rainbows, because of this, our painted rainbows are recomended for children 24 months +