Can we talk about Christmas?

As we enter the 2020 holiday season we are facing probably the most uncertainty I have ever faced in my nearly 6 years (and one of those years I had a baby in December) of business. We haven't set a cut off date yet for Christmas orders yet but we encourage you to place your orders as soon as you possibly can. 

We've already noticed packages are no longer being picked up same-day for shipping - in September. I don't want to instill fear here, that is not my intention at all, I just want to avoid disappointment because I am a people pleaser to my very core. 

There are a few factors that determine my turn around time so I thought I would break them down

1. My time to work - if we do have a second wave and schools shut down here in Niagara again, so does my child care and my ability to work at full capacity during the day. 

2. The amount of orders I have ahead of yours. I have set turn around times on my website for each product and I work really hard to maintain them. My ability to get orders out sooner than my advertised TAT is determined by the amount of orders I have due before yours.

3. Shipping times. Normally shipping times are out of my control and I don't really plan for those or take them into consideration too heavily, however if you need your packages before Christmas for Christmas presents then I start to factor in what the shipping times are. Normally by the 10th-ish of December couriers stop making guarantees of a "by Christmas guarantee". If 2020 has shown us anything, it's that nothing is secure. I have a feeling more people will be shopping from their couches than from aisles this year which will significantly change couriers ability to set those timelines. Again, I don't want to start a frenzy or make you fearful. I'm just trying to give you my opinion as soon as possible.

So now that I've officially used the C word multiple times before it's even officially fall - that's right - it's still technically summer when I am writing this, AC is blasting me from my vents - I'm maybe gonna BBQ, or have a drink on the patio and listen to my summertime playlist one more time before I switch into Santa's Elf until 2021. 

Much love,