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Easy Crusty Italian Bread

Here's any easy recipe for yummy bread without paragraphs about why I love bread. It's bread. I love it. The End. BTW this only makes one loaf.  It's four ingredients and super delicious. 

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Local Pick Up

We reopened local pick up in June (you can read that update here) but as we move forward into the snowy months I wanted to update our local pick up policies.  Some things haven't changed but some things have so here are the new rules regarding local pick up. 1. It's curbside - your order will be labeled with your name and order number on the package.  2. You have to pick up when you say you're coming. We get it, emergencies come up but I'm just going to be blunt here - we have packages sitting in our shop from November (yep 2019!). One of the biggest problems we have had in the past with local pick up is that...

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Can we talk about Christmas?

Can we talk about Christmas? I know SHUT UP ASHLEY but like I need too. I am a people-pleaser to my core and the best way I know how to make sure I do my part is to have open communication around then 2020 Holiday Season. As we enter the 2020 season, we are facing probably the most uncertainty I have ever faced in my nearly 6 years (and one of those years I had a baby in December) of business.

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