Where are you located for local pick up?
We are located at 53032 Perry Road in Wainfleet. If you selected Local Pick Up you will be contacted when your order is complete with your pick up time.  Read more about local pick up here.

When will my order be ready?
Each products turn around time varies. Please check the product description of the item(s) in your order. If you have ordered several items, your order will be ready based on the item with the longest turn around time. 

Can I get my order rushed?
We can sometimes accommodate rush orders. There is a fee associated with rush orders that depends on what you order. 

Will I get tracking info?
When your item is shipped you will receive tracking information. However, if you selected Standard Untracked for your item - your item is being sent lettermail via Canada Post and there is no tracking or insurance on your item. If you would like to upgrade, please respond to this email. 

Do I get a mock up?
Some products receive a mock up. If you requested a mock up when you ordered, you will receive a mock up from ashley@farmhouse598.com Please check your junk and spam folders.

I selected to pay with an email money transfer but I forget the email/password.
Please sent the EMT to ashley@farmhouse598.com and make the password farmhouse (all lower case)

What is your return policy?
Please read our return policy here.

Will you share my order on your IG/Facebook? What if I don't want you to share it?
Please read our social media policy here. 

If I have a question about my order, how can I ask you?
Email is the best way to communicate with us! We like to keep social media social. Please feel free to chat with us there but any questions regarding your order need to be communicated with us via email. ashley@farmhouse598.com 

Please allow for 3+ business days for replies. We are doing our best to navigate our new reality during COVID. We set aside specific time for admin work to respond to emails so we can respond without distractions. You may still see us posting on social media but please understand we schedule our posts ahead of time and occasionally have help from a VA to respond to comments.