Home Made Taco Seasoning

"In this house we serve Tacos" Salsa 24:7
We love tacos. I mean, we REALLY love tacos. All Mexican food, really.
We honeymooned in Texas and fell in love with the amazing taste of real, authentic tex-mex. We have eaten at the oldest American Mexican restaurant (San Antonio river walk is a place I can not recommend enough!)
It's safe to say, we're taco snobs. A store bought off the shelf taco kit is better then no tacos but nothing will beat home made tacos.
We usually have chicken or steak tacos but we do sometimes do ground beef. I marinate my chicken or steak for up to 12 hours. If I'm serving chicken or steak I only use enough seasoning for flavour after I've cooked the meat. If I am making ground beef tacos, I add 1/4 cup of the seasoning per 1lb of beef.
I prefer to make my own over the store bought packets because I can really alter the flavor of the mix. If I want to add some fresh garlic in the marinade, I will add less garlic powder to the mix. I've also used this as a rub on a piece of beef before bbqing it. It's really a great multipurpose seasoning.
After I mix it, I store in in a mason jar in my cupboard for up to three months but truthfully I've never had to wait that long before I made a new batch.