Local Pick Up

We reopened local pick up in June (you can read that update here) but as we move forward into the snowy months I wanted to update our local pick up policies. 

Some things haven't changed but some things have so here are the new rules regarding local pick up.

1. It's curbside - your order will be labeled with your name and order number on the package. 

2. You have to pick up when you say you're coming. We get it, emergencies come up but I'm just going to be blunt here - we have packages sitting in our shop from November (yep 2019!). One of the biggest problems we have had in the past with local pick up is that people do not pick up. Our space at the shop is small and it is hard to store multiple packages there safely. So please, if you select local pick up - come when you say you will come. 

3. Respect the social distancing rules. 6'. If someone is already at the pick up station, please wait in your car until it's all clear. 

4. If for some reason there is an issue with your order, please leave your package in the pick up location and email me. The employees of Stockroom Supply can't help you. They are simply a safe location with lots of parking to pick up.

5. The hours of the shop are 9-4 Monday - Friday. If you can not come within our business hours, please select shipping. There will not be any exceptions made. We've done the "porch pick up" route in the past, and packages just end up getting wrecked or go missing and it's just no longer an option. 

Phew. Okay - lots of new "rules" - I get it. I know it's a lot. But I'm also not at the shop every day so I have to make these rules super clear now so that I can be respectful of Stockroom Supply. 

For real though guys, we are super lucky that we have Stockroom for a pick up location. BUT if these rules are not respected, we risk losing our local pick up location. Simple as that. So be nice, follow the rules and we can keep our local pick up! 


- Ashley