Order cut off information... before I have a baby!

So incase you're new here - I am currently in my third trimester with a high risk pregnancy. I am due the beginning of September but there is talk about being induced early for my blood pressure so this is me, doing the best I can, to prep for a mid august (self employed) mat leave. 

What does that mean?

A self employed mat leave is basically a "I'm going to be off until I decide I can come back" length of time. With Anderson I was back to work as soon as my c section was healed enough to walk around. I am planning to do about the same this time around. I am planning on taking 4 weeks away to give my body time to heal and then revaluate. 

Local Pick Up

Local pick up will remain open even after I close but please note that if you wait to pick up until after I am off, I will be unavailable for 4+ weeks. 

When Am I Leaving?

I am planning on being completely done by AUGUST 12th.  Bold, underline, italic, all caps, red letters. 

Cut Off Information

All turn around times can be found in product descriptions 

Anything with a 4+ week turn around time - July 8th *mock ups must be approved by July 12* This includes 3D circle signs, name cut outs, floral engraved and 3D name signs etc.

Anything with a 1-3 week turn around time - July 29th *mock ups must be approved by August 1*

I will be posting on social media come mid August if I feel like I can continue to take more small, easy to do orders. This is will obviously completely depend on how I am feeling.  

I have added all of this information to the terms and conditions on my website, which is available to read when you check out. I have also added the line "If you continue with your order after reading this, I am going to assume that you are aware and accept this and will be completely understanding with me and be patient and polite with my slowness." My anxiety is on overdrive and my blood pressure is unreliable and gets shot up with stress, and I am uber pregnant and cry a lot. I have very thick skin but I am really really really asking for extra grace and kindness right now. 


Thank you all so much,


Ashley (and Ethan, Anderson and baby girl Moore who continues to be nameless because when you make things with baby names for a living, apparently it's impossible to name your child)